How to make a movie with Blender?

Question by ~Fountain~: How to make a movie with Blender?
Does anyone know any good guides that can teach me all I need to know about Blender? I want to make movies with blender, but I have no clue how to work with it, also are there any easier or better programs for this? Please Help!

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Answer by #
Try Google “tutorials for Blender”.

It should pull up about 1,100,000 pages.

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Badly need a GOOD blender recommendation.?

Question by jumpingrightin: Badly need a GOOD blender recommendation.?
I am in blender hell. So far this month I have returned an Oster (too LOUD), Breville (leaked) and a Kitchen-Aid (plastic jar cracked after three weeks use.)
Here are my requirements. The blender has to be quiet. No jet engine sounding blenders.
The blender should not leak, ever!
The blender must be dishwasher safe, the whole jar and lid.
Should be able to make smoothies made with grape juice and frozen fruit.
I would prefer that they don’t need to be taken apart to clean them. Just want to put it in the dishwasher and forget about it.
Please make your best recommendations for brand and model number. Price is not a concern, I’m on a mission from god. :-)
I got the Oster for $ 50.00 and it has worked perfectly so far! Far better than even the $ 200.00 models I tried.

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Answer by Jecica
Have you ever heard Cuisinart PowerBlend Duet Blender is on sale .$ 105 lower than before and $ 20 rebate .That means it’ only $ 43 now .You can’t let the chance do .It is well designed and a bit lighter than the older models. It can be a little tricky to get the top on at first – do it a few times with it empty to see how the mechanism works and then it’s easy to do. It seems to be able to handle any blending/processing job that I give it including really thick smoothies and baby food. If you need more infos about it you can just go to .It’s really value for money .

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blender 3d software viruses?

Question by Atumn Nova: blender 3d software viruses?
now i wanted to download blender, but i wanna really make sure it doesnt have, spread, or carry a virus. of any sort.i was going to download it from, but 2 years agoo i downloaded gimp, and that gave me virus problems.

do i have to BU or PAY FOR blender?

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Answer by Ramo
LOL MY BLENDER IS OPEN NOW XD its 100% free…no trial! :D Andit doesnt have ANY virus…my norton checked it :) !

get it here

Please vote as best! :D

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Tutorials on how to use Blender 3D?

Question by Simba’s retarded brother: Tutorials on how to use Blender 3D?
Right, well, I downloaded blender a while ago, and used it to make sims 3 poses. Now I want to learn how to use it fully, because I have heard there are lots of things I can do with it and want to learn.

What I want to learn is, basically, making cool pictures.

And anything else I can do

Does anyone know any places or, like youtube videos, or tutorials or things I can learn from?

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Answer by Linil
Blender is the best free alternative to Maya and 3DMax.
There are tons of videos on Youtube.Just search for ‘blender 2.5 tutorials’ on youtube.
The tutorials on Blender’s website are also very helpful.
and here are some more websites you can check out:

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beauty blender vs brush for foundation ?

Question by Heba: beauty blender vs brush for foundation ?
which is better .. the beauty blender or the brush for applying the foundation ?? and why ??

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Answer by Mikayla
It’s all personal preference.

I own a Beauty Blender and I do use it on occasion, but generally, I use a stippling brush to apply my foundation (it takes longer but looks airbrushed).

The Beauty Blender is a great tool to have on hand and many people find it to be the best way to apply their face makeup.

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CryEngine 3 SDK vs Blender?

Question by Anonimus: CryEngine 3 SDK vs Blender?
Hello everyone, I recently downloaded both the CryEngine 3 SDK and Blender 2.63. I want to know which one is easier to use from the point of view of a COMPLETE beginner. I recently got interested in 3D modeling and I want to know which one should I use. If you can pls name as well the pros and cons of each program and any other useful info. Thank you very much to you all.

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Answer by Taz
Blender takes a LOT of getting used to.

It has tons of shortcut keys, and loads of things you can do in it.

If you want easy : use SDK.

If you want lasting ability use blender.
-> By lasting ability I mean something that will be useful no matter what after you learn how to use it.

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